Happy Birthday, Mister Man!

Two years ago, this little guy was born.🎈When I was pregnant, Dan and I could not agree on a name for the life of us, I wanted something literary like Edgar or Atticus, while Dan wanted something Irish like Lorcan or Liam. None of those seemed right. Finally, because we are both Marvel comic fans, we settled on Logan (after Wolverine). Wolverines primary superpower is healing – we didn’t realize at the time how perfect this name would come to fit Logan. He’s two and has been through more than his fair share of struggles but he is the strongest person I know. He is the most fearless, loving, and the most soulful person I’ve ever met. Currently, he loves cars, ninja turtles, and elephants. It’s an honor to watch him grow each day.🐘

Happy Birthday Mr. Man! You’ll get cake and presents this weekend! I love you.


Five Fandom Friday – Five Nerdiest Things I’ve done/do.

This is a segment called 5 Fandom Friday. Each Friday there will be a top 5 list of something fandom related. To learn more visit this link.

This weeks topic is Five Nerdiest Things I’ve Done .

I changed it to five nerdiest things I’ve done/do because I sort-of struggled to think of things for this post. I’m having a bit of writers block.

1. Visited Platform 9 3/4 at King Cross station in London. In 2007 I raised money with a small group of students at my high school to take an international flight and tour England. Most nights were planned out for us and we spent most of our time on a tour bus. One of the nights however, we were allowed to venture around London and do whatever we pleased. We chose to ride the tube, Visit Platform 9 3/4’s (We did a photo-op but the photos are stashed away) and see STOMP perform. It was the best night of the trip.

2, Named my son after a comic book character. When I found out I was having a boy. I wanted to give him a meaningful name. What is more meaningful than something your mother and father both love? So we settled on one of our favorite X-MEN Characters, and named him Logan after Wolverine. Xavier gave Logan a run for his money though.

3. Cried tears of Joy when I saw Goo Goo Dolls in concert. Everyone has a band that has lyrics that speak to them. That band is Goo Goo Dolls. Their songs have motivated me and helped me through some through some tough times. I was so happy to finally see them live.

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