Happy Birthday, Mister Man!

Two years ago, this little guy was born.🎈When I was pregnant, Dan and I could not agree on a name for the life of us, I wanted something literary like Edgar or Atticus, while Dan wanted something Irish like Lorcan or Liam. None of those seemed right. Finally, because we are both Marvel comic fans, we settled on Logan (after Wolverine). Wolverines primary superpower is healing – we didn’t realize at the time how perfect this name would come to fit Logan. He’s two and has been through more than his fair share of struggles but he is the strongest person I know. He is the most fearless, loving, and the most soulful person I’ve ever met. Currently, he loves cars, ninja turtles, and elephants. It’s an honor to watch him grow each day.🐘

Happy Birthday Mr. Man! You’ll get cake and presents this weekend! I love you.


To My Husband on Fathers Day

PicMonkey Collage

Daniel and I met as adolescents while trying to navigate through an equally scary and emotional high school experience. We then quickly bonded over similar emotions and troubles and soon realized that we had many shared interested. It’s strange to meet a new person and feel like they have always been there. I guess that is why they say meeting the person you love is like coming home. Continue reading To My Husband on Fathers Day

Backyard Discovery Swing Set Review and Start of Backyard Makeover


The last couple of days we have been building a new swing set for the kids and starting to makeover our backyard. Living in a rural area has its perks but one of the downfalls is a lack of places to just hang out and have fun. To counter that problem we are turning our own back yard into a hang out spot for both kids and adults Continue reading Backyard Discovery Swing Set Review and Start of Backyard Makeover