Taking a Hiatus!

As most of you have probably already figured out, I’m taking a little break from my blog. Don’t worry, I’ll be back verrrrry soon with bigger and better things, I promise! In the meantime please check out my facebook page! www.facebook.com/amireports! I share lots of entertainment related news, humor, and memes.

I’ll see you all real soon.

Stay super and be a hero



Do you wanna win a Funko Pop?


Attention Funko Collectors and Thundercats Fans! I’m giving away this Funko Pop! You can enter on my Facebook page, or  by going to this link.

Leave a comment below telling me which Funko you’d like to see me giveaway next! (It will give you an extra giveaway when filling out the widget!)

Thank you all for your support thus far and I can’t wait to see this blog grow even more!