Happy Birthday, Mister Man!

Two years ago, this little guy was born.🎈When I was pregnant, Dan and I could not agree on a name for the life of us, I wanted something literary like Edgar or Atticus, while Dan wanted something Irish like Lorcan or Liam. None of those seemed right. Finally, because we are both Marvel comic fans, we settled on Logan (after Wolverine). Wolverines primary superpower is healing – we didn’t realize at the time how perfect this name would come to fit Logan. He’s two and has been through more than his fair share of struggles but he is the strongest person I know. He is the most fearless, loving, and the most soulful person I’ve ever met. Currently, he loves cars, ninja turtles, and elephants. It’s an honor to watch him grow each day.🐘

Happy Birthday Mr. Man! You’ll get cake and presents this weekend! I love you.



12294689_10154116292764189_7263524542490128704_nHello! Since I’ve been expanding my blog I think that now would be the perfect time to reintroduce myself. My name is Ami and I’m a wife and mother of two perfect children. I am currently in college working towards my my bachelors in Communications and Media Studies. My goal is to work in the field of journalism and media management. I have many hobbies which include, crafts, gaming, reading, and of course writing. I presently reside in a tiny, forgettable, town in the state of Maine but I’m working to get to the point where we can travel and make memories all over the world.

My family both shares and supports my passions and interests and that makes life even more enjoyable. My husband Dan and I are former high school sweethearts and have been married for five years. He is an amazing father and support system for our family. He is the true constant in my life. Our daughter Kiera is four and is destined to become a Disney princess. Just ask her, she will tell you. Our son Logan is almost two. He has an incredibly magnetic personality and his emotions are contagious.

I’m working on losing weight by getting healthy. My end goal is to participate in a RUN DISNEY marathon. It’s a long term goal but step by baby step I’m confident I’ll reach it.

My online handle is Beingmonochrome. I frequent Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. You can also find my Facebook page here and add me on snapchat at beingmonochrome. Feel free to add or follow me on any of my accounts!


Love Doesn’t Really Conquer All

When I’m asked who I’m inspired by it’s easy for me to joke and say that I admire Batman’s determination, Spiderman’s wit, or Professor X’s incredible brain power, but the truth is that other than looking up to my mom, I am mostly motivated by the lives of my grandparents.

They fell in love in their early teen years, and when my grandmother became pregnant they stuck together. She dropped out of school, and grandpa would go to school during the days and work nights to support them. They went on to get married and have two more children. Continue reading Love Doesn’t Really Conquer All