Five Fandom Friday – Fandoms You Almost Didn’t Love



This weeks topic is five fandoms you LOVE but didn’t think you would


fg3fuazbmxb2wHarry Potter

I know, I know, blasphemy right? Just hear me out. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone was released in the united states in 1998 and our school stocked it in the Library a year later. I was nine years old. All the kids in my elementary school were reading it and we even banded together as a school to make J.K. Rowling a giant card that was signed by the entire student body thanking her for her the fantastic read! I had just finished reading “Go Ask Alice” and ignorantly thought that Harry Potter was going to be for “less mature” kids. My friend lent me a copy and I couldn’t put it down. In fact, I picked up Chamber of Secrets after that and subsequently attended the midnight releases of the rest of the series. I apologize for underestimating how entertaining Harry Potter was and have learned real life lessons from the books and movies.

8wixzilixekjcDoctor Who

There is a misconception in the fandom community that being a Whovian means you are unbearable and obnoxious. I had watched a few episodes of Dr. Who before Nine but the revival caused me to revisit it. I fell in love with the show, which is no surprise due to my love of most BBC shows, and then met some friends who are Whovians too. I have to say that I have never met people who are more dependable and trustworthy than these friends. They are the type of people who would give you the last of their moisturizer because they couldn’t bear to see you turn into just lipstick and skin.

sfocdboeftvaoOnce Upon a Time

I am a huge fan of Disney and fairy tales so I decided to give it a try. I honestly was worried about my favorite stories being twisted into something unrecognizable. Now this has become one of my favorite shows currently on television and I can say that they twist the stories just enough to make it interesting while leaving in nods to fan favorites. A great example of this is the recurring chipped cup that symbolizes Rumbelle.

Mystery Science Theater 3000

ob7zt6yzwdteiI accidentally stumbled onto this show at some point during my childhood. When I read the name on TV guide I immediately thought it wasn’t my kind of show. However, I was fond of unfamiliar old movies and this added the just the right amount of comedy to them. The SyFy Channel used to have marathons of MST3K and I would leave them playing in the background as I did homework. I’m so excited for the reboot with Patton Oswalt and, as my buddy Shane reminded me, the creators of Rick and Morty. I’ll definitely be watching!

Star Trek

alstk3zwpfpcyI never thought I’d enjoy Star Trek due to the large amount of episodes. I knew I’d never be able to watch all of them. However, I now know that it’s okay to be a fan of something and not be the most diehard of all fans. I adore a lot of things about Star Trek, mainly how groundbreaking the show was and how many barriers it crossed.


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