Funko Fridays – If I could only have one…

FunkoFridayHostedbyKimiandPepiWho doesn’t love Funko Pops? Welcome to Funko Fridays! Whether you collect them or not, it’s easy to appreciate the vast amounts of pop culture icons Funko covers with these adorable collectibles. Every Friday Pepi and Kimi will have a new topic relating to Funko’s over at

If I could only have one…


It would have to be this dude, right here! This wasn’t an easy choice but I am certain I made the right decision. I have been wanting this particular pop for quite some time now and he is just perfect!

As most of you already know I’m a huge Marvel fan and Coulson has been a favorite of mine since Iron Man. I’d be sad to never be able to purchase the Coulson/Lola Funko though!

If you could only have one Funko, which would you pick? Leave your choice in the comment section or let me know on my fan page here!


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