Funko Fridays – Once Upon A Funko

FunkoFridayHostedbyKimiandPepiWho doesn’t love Funko Pops? Welcome to Funko Fridays! Whether you collect them or not, it’s easy to appreciate the vast amounts of pop culture icons Funko covers with these adorable collectibles. Every Friday Pepi and Kimi will have a new topic relating to Funko’s over at

Once Upon A Funko

Once upon a time, I wandered into a wondrous world filled with portals to other realms, the sign above the door read “Books-A-Million“. I had been in this world before, but I had never noticed the boxes labeled “Funko 11198945_10153331599524189_264571511_nPops!” before. I fell in love with how they somehow managed to make my favorite characters even cuter than before! 

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a pop figure right away. In fact, it was quite some time before I owned my first figure. My first figure came inside a Geek Me Box subscription, Thor from Age of Ultron. From then on I was hooked. As more and more figures come on to the market I find myself wanting every single one of them.

Visit next Friday for another Funko Friday and let me know in the comments or on my Facebook page (Ami Reports) what your first Funko was.


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