Our “Bucket List”

I’ve always had big aspirations. I want to travel and see so much as does my family. I’ve decided to compile a list of Thirty-Two places we want to go. I think it’s a good idea so we remember to stay on track to reach our goals.

  1. Kiss the Blarney Stone
  2. Spend a week at Walt Disney World
  3. Cruise to Castaway Cay
  4. Tour the Ripleys Believe it or Not Museum
  5. Miami
  6. Go to Harry Potter World in Universal Studios
  7. Attend San Diego Comic Con
  8. Disney Land
  9. Tour Alcatraz
  10. Drive over the Golden Gate Bridge
  11. Attend Anime Boston
  12. Boston Museum of Science
  13. Attend New York Comic Con
  14. Walk around Times Square
  15. Get a Picture at all the places on the Monopoly Board
  16. Wagon Ride through Central Park
  17. World Trade Center Memorial
  18. Edgar Allan Poe Museum
  19. Tour Eastern State Penitentiary
  20. Spend a week at Mall of America
  21. Nickelodeon Studios
  22. Tour Salem, Massachusetts
  23. Go back to England – Do all I missed
  24. The Shire – New Zealand
  25. Do Las Vegas
  26. Waste money at a Casino
  27. Visit a Disney in another country
  28. Cruise to Nova Scotia
  29. Hawaii
  30. Take a Long Roadtrip
  31. See Niagara Falls
  32. Do a European Cruise Tour

That’s our list. I’d love to hear suggestions of sites to see at our destinations and I’d love to hear what is on your Bucket List!


6 thoughts on “Our “Bucket List”

  1. This is a great list. Numbers 2, 6, & 8 are definitely worth it. I’ve been in California for a year and I still haven’t made it to the golden gate bridge. That’s on my list too! Number 15, very creative. I might have to add that one! -Ja’Mei


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