To My Husband on Fathers Day

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Daniel and I met as adolescents while trying to navigate through an equally scary and emotional high school experience. We then quickly bonded over similar emotions and troubles and soon realized that we had many shared interested. It’s strange to meet a new person and feel like they have always been there. I guess that is why they say meeting the person you love is like coming home.

We started dating in early 2008 and our commitment to each other was instantaneous. We became best friends and learned more about one another each day. We got engaged at our senior prom at the end of the year. We were moving fast but we knew our love was real. Unfortunately we live in an age where high school sweethearts aren’t taken seriously.

The next few years were eventful and scary. They would teach us the meaning of sticking together through thick and thin. We suffered through multiple losses, arguments, and betrayals from those we cared about. We learned that monogamy isn’t easy and it would take a lot of work to remain the constant in each others lives. Still, we couldn’t see our lives going any other way.

We got married in 2011 after being together for three years. A year later we became parents to a premature 3 lbs 5 oz baby girl who we named Kiera. Again we worked together to help her grow strong. Watching Daniel with our daughter was the most natural thing in the world. She became the light in our lives and paid us for our efforts in hugs, kisses, and unconditional love. Kiera is three now and still growing strong and healthy. She is energetic and rambunctious, just like her Dad.

Last year we became parents again. This time to a 6 lbs 8 oz baby boy we named Logan. The day Logan was born I saw a familiar look in Daniels eyes. A look I only see during special once in a lifetime moments. In this particular moment though I realized we were all right where we are meant to be.

This fathers day falls on seven years since we started dating. I’m happy to be with someone who still enjoys the simple things in life, who smiles contagiously, and still uses CDs and gets excited about mixed tapes.  While we aren’t perfect and we still have some endless battles to overcome I am confident that we will fight them the way we do everything, together.

I love you Ducky, Happy Fathers Day!


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