Backyard Discovery Swing Set Review and Start of Backyard Makeover


The last couple of days we have been building a new swing set for the kids and starting to makeover our backyard. Living in a rural area has its perks but one of the downfalls is a lack of places to just hang out and have fun. To counter that problem we are turning our own back yard into a hang out spot for both kids and adults

11108201_10153407986319189_8752338051754000938_nWe started by building the Backyard Discovery Wooden Swing Set. The model can be seen here.

The set up was a bit difficult. We had to print the English instructions off of the Backyard Discovery website. Some of the screws we were instructed to use were short and we had to go out and get the right size. The stakes they give you to pin down the unit are cheap plastic so we also went out and bought metal ones that will hold it in place better.

Other than that it is a nice sturdy swing set. My daughter loves it and wants to be outside all the time now. The slide is a perfect length, and the picnic table is in a really cute spot. The rock wall goes nicely on to a ladder so it is user-friendly for kids of all ages. The set includes two swings and a trapeze bar. We hung up a trapeze bar, one swing, and an infant swing we already had. Underneath the loft there is a spot to put a sandbox. We put my daughters play kitchen under it instead. It is fun for her to serve people sitting on the picnic table the concoctions she has made. Overall, I would give it a thumbs up.

10635992_10153407986629189_5740865370661190022_nWe didn’t need another sandbox because we made a do-it-yourself sandbox out of an old tractor tire and put two tires upright for the kids to crawl through and on. The picture I included just happens to include some of the bigger kids in the area. My cousin Kasey who lives up the street is sitting in the sandbox and my husband is sitting on top of the big tire. I guess it has their approval.

The next step is to continuously bring in sand to fill in the area. We are looking into getting a teeter-totter as well. All of this along with a kiddie pool and sprinkler should make for a fun-filled summer.

Next we started on the adult area. We have an old patio table and chairs so11140276_10153407986039189_8620478806557288607_n we are looking for some concrete slabs to make a small patio and butterfly garden area for the table and our grill. We grill almost exclusively in the summer so we would put it to good use,

We then started building the beginnings of our fire pit. My grandfather provided us with three granite blocks and dug up a hole with his backhoe. We filled the hole with sand to help avoid a ground fire. We are going to purchase a grate for the top of it so that we can cook above the fire as well.

We are always looking for ideas and suggestions of things to add to our backyard. I’d love to hear your renovation stories as well. Feel free to leave a comment below or on my Facebook page: Ami Reviews


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