Lootcrate May 2014 “UNITE” Unboxing and Review

1If you have not had the pleasure of hearing about Loot Crate you are missing out! Loot Crate is a geek and fandom item subscription box. The items inside are a mystery but you are provided with a theme each month. Each crate has at least forty dollars worth of loot inside. There are one, three, six and twelve month subscription packages. The bigger the package the better the deal!


11231909_10153381736234189_5193093676682812362_n With the release of the Age of Ultron fresh in our minds. I think this was an excellent theme choice. I hope they choose more crates this way in the future because it kept me even more excited than usual.

The first Item Is a Power Rangers T-Shirt. I’ll be honest here and say that even though I wouldn’t consider myself a fan of Power Rangers I was excited that it was from Mighty Morphin because honestly that’s the only series I mildly care about. I also like the grey shirt color. I will be giving this shirt to my husband who is an enormous Power Rangers fan.

11295645_10153381736619189_7647419943187387278_n The next item is a 300 piece Rick and Morty puzzle. This is a win-win item for our household my husband likes Rick and Morty and I like doing puzzles. I am thinking of picking up some puzzle glue and making it into a poster for him.

11329893_10153381738169189_8612705319745405740_nNext, I pulled out my Lootcrate membership card. I was thrilled to finally get it and hope I am able to use it soon. I doubt they come to PortCon in Maine so I’ll just have to venture south and attend a few cons, poor me right?

I have to say the theme pin this month was disappointing. Not because of the design per say but because I was hoping for a better Justice league item than a lootcrate button. I don’t see how a crate with this theme could leave out such a well-known team.

The next item is Team Fortress 2 buttons. I’ll be honest and say my husband and I just starting playing this casually on Steam. I think it’s a good game and I’m always up for more pins to add to my laptop case but personally I wasn’t particularly excited about this item. It would be great for a fan of the game though.

A few months ago my husband got in a car accident and unfortunately our car had to be totaled, our car had a few decals and we haven’t got around to purchasing more yet. Which brings us to the next item, an Age of Ultron car decal. I love this item. I am excited that they included Vision. I’ll be sticking it on the rear hatch window of our car later today. Our whole family can show off our nerd pride!


This item is one of the best and most useful items in this crate. It’s a Marvel themed ice-cube tray featuring Thing, Hulk, Captain America, and Iron Man. We enjoy making drinks and cocktails and this is the perfect addition. It will also be great for making mini popsicles this summer. My kids will love them!


This next item is my favorite in the box. Marvel shoe laces. Even as a child I thought patterned shoe laces was a staple clothing item. I own three pairs of Chucks and these will go great with them. The only downside is they are silky which I have noticed causes them to untie fairly frequently.


The next two items are Lootcrate Exclusives. A Bravest Warriors comic book and A “Unite the Stupid” Mad magazine. I love Mad magazine and will probably open it up and read it soon. I like Bravest Warriors as well but not enough to unseal the package so I’ll leave that as a collector’s item or give it to a friend who will really enjoy it.

Overall, the box was interesting and fun. I do wish a few more teams had been included like Justice League and maybe even Suicide Squad. I think a villainous team would have been a good addition. I can’t want to see what next month holds!

If you are interested in getting a Loot Crate subscription consider using my referral link: (http://looted.by/b-UQs) and use the promo code SAVE3 to get a discount!


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