Five Fandom Friday – Binge Worthy TV Shows

This is a segment called 5 Fandom Friday. Each Friday there will be a top 5 list of something fandom related. To learn more visit this link.

This weeks topic is Five Binge Worthy TV Shows.

Let me start by saying this list was really hard for me because I had to leave out some of my all time favorites. I left out favorites like Dr. Who, Firefly, Torchwood, Supernatural, Gotham, Agents of Shield, Parks and Rec and Orange is the New Black and  chose shows that I could binge watch over and over.

1. Sherlock is my ultimate binge watching show.  Waiting for a new season of Sherlock doesn’t bother me. These actors are amazing and together they make me emotionally invested in the characters on a whole new level.  I’ve seen every episode at least three times and I’m sure I will watch them all again soon.

2. Being Human. When me and my husband moved we cut cable and solely use Netflix and Hulu to watch TV. We found being human on Netflix and somehow managed to watch all episodes in a week while still living our daily lives. Being Human only strengthened my adoration for BBC.

3. House. I had to include House in here because it’s the first TV series I ever binged watched. The show is engaging and full of surprises. House and Wilson have the best bromance. It’s easy to see how the show remained popular for so long.

4. Once Upon A Time is one of the few shows that draw you in from the very first episode. Robert Carlyle keeps you on edge with his portrayal of Rumpelstiltskin. I love seeing these well-known fairy tales from the point of view of the villains and can’t wait to watch more.

5. Criminal Minds is the longest running show that I still can binge watch. Every episode is fantastic and the cast is great. Every episode directed by Matthew Gray Gubler has been perfect and his latest “Mr. Scratch” had me on the edge of my seat and checking under my bed before I went to sleep.

Honorable Mention: Hardware. This is probably a lesser known show but it’s really witty and fun! I watched every episode in a matter of days. This is the second show on the list to have Martin Freeman as a lead character but I had to include it.


10 thoughts on “Five Fandom Friday – Binge Worthy TV Shows

      1. Personally, I loved the US version–and I really didn’t want to. The first few eps start out very much like the first UK eps, but then it goes it’s own way and becomes it’s own show. Certainly different from the UK one, but I thought it had that same heart.


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