Five Fandom Friday – Favorite Fictional Moms

This is a segment called 5 Fandom Friday. Each Friday there will be a top 5 list of something fandom related. To learn more visit this link.

This weeks topic, in honor of Mothers Day, is favorite fictional moms!

1. Morticia Addams (from The Addams Family). Morticia is a true matriarch. She is alluring and classy. Her devotion and loyalty to her children as well as her oddly romantic relationship with Gomez is inspiring. I truly strive to be like her as a parent.

2. Peg Boggs (from Edward Scissorhands). On the surface she may seem like the typical suburban mom. She cleans, cooks dinner every night, and even sells Avon. Deep down though she craves adventure and eccentricity. She is a good mom because she doesn’t worry about how other perceive her she does whats right for her family and those she cares about.

3. Mrs. Potts (from Beauty and the Beast).  Mrs. Potts is the only animated mom to make this list. She has a bit of a spunk about her. Her relationship with Chip is near perfect and she is able to parent him while helping take care of the rest of the gang. Chasing after Lumiere and Cogsworth cannot be an easy task. GO MOM!

4. Claire Dunphy (from Modern Family). Claire made this list for many reasons the most important reason being how relatable she is. Mild quirkiness, genuine loyalty for her family, and her love of wine all make her feel a bit more real. To make her even better Claire and Phil have one of my favorite on-screen relationships.

5. Molly Weasley (from Harry Potter). Remember that time Julie Walters kills Helena Bonham Carter? Of course you do! It’s one of the best moments in the Harry Potter films. It sums up what we all already knew, Molly would do anything to protect her family. She loses multiple children throughout the saga and only has one daughter to begin with. Don’t mess with mommy!

Honorable Mention: Roseanne Conner (From Roseanne). Probably one of the top recognizable sitcom moms. I grew up watching Rosanne and it doesn’t get much more real than her parenting style. The only reason she didn’t make the list is because I only have five spots and I still haven’t forgiven her for making me cry multiple times in the series finale.

Happy Mothers Day! 


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