Minnie Candyland Toy Review


There is little my three-year old daughter loves more than Minnie’s Bowtique and nothing I love more than nostalgia. That is why when I saw this game at my local Wal*Mart I knew I had to have it.


The first thing I noticed was the game pieces featuring Minnie, Figaro, and Daisy. My daughter immediately snatched up Figaro and I chose Daisy. They are fantastic quality and could even double as toy figurines. However the game pieces are not without faults. The bases are very large and cover up three spaces. It makes it hard to see which colors the pieces are covering. Additionally, only three game pieces are included as compared to the usual four in Candyland. This would make it hard for an average size to play on a family game night.


When I first saw that a wheel had been included in lieu of cards I was a tad disappointed. It was not what I had grown to love as a child. I thought I would hate it. Surprisingly, It grew on me. It was easy to spin for my toddlers tiny hands and it was a great way for her to learn the basics of playing board games.

Overall I think it is a fun game for kids and adults a like. Adults can enjoy a twist on a game from the past and kids can learn colors and proper sportsmanship with classic characters they love.


Oh, if you are curious, I lost. My kid may just grow up to be a professional Candyland player.



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