Loot Crate Fantasy Unboxing & Review (April 2015)

If you are a Loot Crate subscriber this post will contain spoilers. 
I will remove the spoiler tag on April 28th.

1If you have not had the pleasure of hearing about Loot Crate you are missing out! Loot Crate is a geek and fandom item subscription box. The items inside are a mystery but you are provided with a theme each month. Each crate has at least forty dollars worth of loot inside. There are one, three, six and twelve month subscription packages. The bigger the package the better the deal!

Theme of the month: FANTASY

2Opening a crate for the first time is really exciting. Lets be honest though, who wouldn’t like getting a box of surprises delivered to their door? I was already excited as the theme of the month is right up my alley but I wasn’t expecting to get a rush of excitement¬†as I snipped through the tape on the box.

3The first item was a Dungeons “&” Dragons tee-shirt. The design is really engaging. I think they did a good job appealing to¬†fans and non-fans alike. The shirt is high quality and features a nice faded design.

PicMonkey CollageThe next items were a red bow-tie with a dragon and 20 sided dice print. While I won’t be wearing a bow-tie for the foreseeable future I think it’s dapper and a great addition to the crate. My favorite item of the crate has to be the Game of Thrones Stark flash drive. It’s functional and fun to carry around. I can only imagine it would be a great conversation starter. Also included are Game of Throne house magnets and a Harry Potter bag tag featuring the well-known 9 3/4. I have to admit that while the bag tag is neat I was really hoping for one of the big things this month to be a Harry Potter item.

9Other items in the box included an inflatable crown that my daughter promptly stole from me and a Princess Bride Deck of Cards. I really enjoy the movie Princess Bride and was pleasantly surprised to find an item from that movie included in the crate. Overall, the crate was really fun to unbox and had lots of variety. However, I was really hoping for a Lord of the Rings or Hobbit item as I think that would have fit well into the Fantasy theme but five of Loot Crates subscribers will receive a bonus Mini Mega Crate that is Hobbit themed so I suppose that makes up for it. For now I’ll be adding those magnets to my refrigerator and putting the flash drive in my laptop case to use when I start college in the fall. Thanks Loot Crate! See you next month.

If you are interested in getting a Loot Crate subscription consider using my referral link: (http://looted.by/b-UQs) and use the promo code SAVE3 to get a discount!

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